• P-38
  • Black Widow
  •  Ta-152
  • SR 71
  •  Skyhawk
  • Ar_234
  • Richelieu
  • VF_84_155



Zbigniew was born in Poland in 1968. He originally trained as a builder, but in 1992 began working as a painter, graphic designer, and illustrator of military books. He produces artwork in physical media, with brush and airbrush, and using the range of software for digital art so necessary to graphic design today. Since he took up art, Zbigniew has created over 5,000 colour profiles of aircraft, tanks and ships, published in more than 150 books. He has also created artwork for around 100 magazine and book covers.

Zbigniew is also an amateur historian, specialising in military American WW2 aircraft camouflage and markings of. He has worked for numerous publishers in Poland, Czechia, Germany, Canada and the UK.